Alisa Singer is a self-taught artist from the Chicago area. She has worked to create art throughout her life but, since her retirement in 2013, she has focused on her goal of using contemporary art to further meaningful causes*.

In 2014 she began the series of digital paintings, Environmental Graphiti – the Art of Climate Change, which uses contemporary art to enhance awareness and understanding of climate change . Each painting is derived from a chart, graph, map, word or number based on a key fact about climate change. There are now over 65 paintings in the series, which continues to evolve. The Environmental Graphiti collection has been extensively exhibited, both in the US and internationally at universities, galleries, conferences and other venues. The art is held by over 30 universities (some of whom have large collections), a major science museum in Toronto, and dozens of private homes. To see the art, review the history of exhibitions, publications and collaborations, and learn more about the project visit:

In 2017, following the events in Charlottesville,  Alisa began a mission to use art to combat hatred and bigotry. The result is the series depicted in this presentation:  

Hatred and Heroism. Oppression and Resistance. Then and Now.

*In 2013 she created a line of contemporary Braille greeting cards for The Chicago Lighthouse, which continue to be sold today.