EXHIBITIONS and collections

Environmental Graphiti - The Art of Climate Change

Please see website for full history of current and past exhibitions, acquisitions and collaborations. http://www.environmentalgraphiti.org

Day by Day – An Artistic Journey through a Season of Chemotherapy

Full collection permanently installed at The Cancer Wellness Center, Northbrook, IL

Full collection exhibited at group show, “Voices and Visions”, The Art Center of Highland Park, Highland Park, IL Aug 24 - Oct 4, 2018

Art Against Hate

Full collection acquired by Am Shalom synagogue, Glencoe, IL, 2018




All three series of digital art are available, at the artist’s cost, to bring beauty and important messaging to your space. Pricing is based on the artist’s out-of-pocket costs, typically printing, shipping and taxes.


Possible Exhibition Spaces

In addition to traditional venues such as galleries, homes, and offices, these series are also particularly suited for alternative settings:

Day by Day – An Artistic Journey through a Season of Chemotherapy – hospitals, wellness and treatment centers, doctor’s offices, university and medical schools and other academic and health care venues.

Art Against Hate - Synagogues, art museums, schools, and organizations to complement programs focused on fighting anti-semitism, hate and bigotry.

Environmental Graphiti – The Art of Climate Change - Colleges and universities (in support of various sustainability initiatives), science and nature museums, botanic gardens, zoos, nature preserves, and environmental organizations.


Formats and sizing

The images can be used digitally or printed for exhibition purposes in various sizes and mediums. We recommend fine art paper on stand-out mounts for the series Day by Day, and high gloss lightweight aluminum for the series Art Against Hate or Environmental Graphiti. The pieces can also be printed on canvas or high quality photo paper (mounted or unmounted).

Each artwork in the Day by Day series is printed in square sizes up to 30” x 30”. The size options for the over 65 pieces of Environmental Graphiti can be found on the website: www.environmentalgraphiti.org

The standard recommended sizes for the Art Against Hate series are below:

  1. ”917” – 30” x 40”

  2. “653” -  30” x 40”

  3. “The Telegram” – 40” x 30”

  4. “A Rainbow of Misery” – 30” x 40”

  5. “Dog Whistle” – 24” x 36”

  6. “Farhud” – 30” x 30”

  7. “Paperclips” – 30” x 40”

  8. “Tree of Honor” – 30” x 40”

  9. ”Rising” 30” x 30”

  10. “Not Safe”  30” x 30”

Each piece is displayed with a 10” x 8” explanatory wall plaque.


Please contact us if you wish to exhibit, acquire, rent, license or produce the art, or wish to discuss ways in which we might collaborate to further your own organization’s mission.

Exhibition, production, copying or use is not allowed without permission.